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السلام عليكم

March 21, 2020: With the most recent announcement from Tarrant County regarding the COVID-19 virus, which went into effect at 6:00pm this evening, all churches and religious places of worship are now prohibited to perform in-person services. The Board of Trustees of KIC, in consultation with our Imam, has therefore decided to close down our Masjid indefinitely, in compliance with the rulings, until further notice. May Allah SWT in His infinite wisdom and mercy, accept our Istighfaar, and permit us to return to the Masjid in the very near future so that we may continue to perform our sujood in congregation, inshaAllah.

Keller Islamic Center, Board of Trustees


Jumaa Khutbah – 1:45pm; Salatuj Jumaa – 2:00pm



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The Keller Islamic Center (KIC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to worship, education and community service. Originally established in 2012 (as the Alliance Islamic Center), KIC today serves those living in North Texas in the cities of Keller, North Fort Worth, Roanoke, Trophy Club, Westlake, Watauga, and surrounding areas. KIC is open for visits from people of all faiths. We offer five daily Prayers, Jummah prayer, Eid prayers and the Taraweeh prayers in the holy month of Ramadan.

The permanent site of KIC, located at 3601 Keller Hicks Road, Fort Worth, TX 76244, is across from the Trinity Springs Middle School (Keller ISD). It consists of 5 acres of land, acquired in 2014, and will be the future site of a Masjid, inshaAllah. We are currently a musallah (prayer area) located inside the house that was part of the land that was acquired, and are able to accommodate Brothers and Sisters for the Five Daily Prayers, Salatuj Jumaa, Salatul Taraweeh, Eid Prayers, and various community functions and events.

Community members are strongly encouraged to donate generously.

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